15 05 2007

I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned it on here before, but I’m a photographer. That’s not my day job, unfortunately, my day job is making signs for a grocery store. But in my heart, deep-down, I’m a photographer. For me the world comes into focus through the viewfinder of camera. There’s great happiness with my 20D in my hand, no matter what it is I’m taking a picture of. (Look at that, I’m so delirious when talking about photography, my grammar goes out the window and I end my sentences in a preposition.)

Lately I’ve been doing a lot of event photography. I enjoy event photography but at times it can feel chaotic and exhausting. As a counterpoint to that, I also enjoy landscape and nature photography where I can walk around and take my time. It’s been awhile since I’ve really had the chance. At first the winter was warm, but terribly dull. Nothing but gray, brown, and bare trees. Finally the snow came, but along with it a cold so unbearable I couldn’t imagine going outside, especially with my exposed fingers clamped around a cold metal camera. Finally, though, the weather has warmed and the world is waking up at last. The trees are finally growing their leaves and the ground is blanketed in its familiar purple flowers. Still, I wasn’t going out with my camera–It’s just too easy to melt in front of the TV with a computer on my lap. However, I was reading through someone’s journal on DeviantArt, and they mentioned how sad it was that they’d been too busy to pick up their camera for weeks. It’s not true that I hadn’t picked up my camera in weeks. I have–stand-up, sit-down, move-around, click, click, click. But I hadn’t yet walked around outside, gear slung around my neck, looking for something to frame in my camera. Suddenly, I wanted to. So I grabbed my gear and my wife and I went out for a walk.

We only had a short time for a walk, and I didn’t get anything spectacular, but it felt good and there’s plenty more to come.

The familiar purple flowers that grow everywhere around here. And it’s not just these purple flowers, but lots of different kinds of purple flowers. Despite Alfred’s many shortcoming, Spring can be quite nice here.

A shabby barn hiding in someone’s backyard. Thanks to a purple trash bin on the side of the barn, I knew it would only be good as a black and white which is fine since I think decay looks nice in a monotone. Pointless tidbit: that’s a dart board hanging on the door.

Some spring flowers hanging low on the bough of a tree.

An abandoned frat house. Of course, given how well frat houses are usually upkept, you’d only know if I told you so.

Somebody just had this sitting out on their lawn. Oddly, off all the pictures I took on this little walkabout, I like this one best.