I Dream of Vietnam

6 04 2007

Today at work I had a revelation, or a moment of clarity.

We got some Yellow Fin Tuna in our Seafood department which was coming out of Vietnam. While I was working on the sign I decided to look up flights to Ho Chi Minh City, just on a lark. When the results came up ($1140 per person), I imagined the trip. I imagined my wife and I taking the flights, making connections, getting off the plane in Vietnam and wandering the Streets of Ho Chi Minh City. I could see it, it was so clear. And in that moment, I nearly wanted to cry. The moment I had that reaction I also realized why I had it. I had that reaction because in the midst of my imaginings, I could also feel my longings. In that moment I realized how badly I wanted that. Not just Vietnam, but traveling. Getting out, seeing the world, exploring new cultures. I’ve always known how much I liked traveling, experiencing new and unfamiliar places, but that vision of Vietnam was crystal clear and I wanted it, and I could also see how far away from that dream I was.

I’m nearly 32 now, and for most of my life I’ve never really had a clear idea what I wanted to get out of it. Now I do. I used to let myself get distracted by shiny things: TVs, game systems, kitchen gadgets. I tended to sacrifice savings and future needs for passing whimsy and impulse. I need to hold onto that moment of clarity and recall it when I want to buy an Xbox 360 or a new TV so I can watch the same shows in higher definition. I need to recall that vision of Asia so I can remember how badly I want to experience it firsthand, and hopefully it will get me to put the DVD down and walk out of the store empty-handed.

I told my wife about this today and she helped set a concrete goal for us. Next summer, June 2008, will be our 10 year wedding anniversary, and she wants to celebrate in Paris. Yes, my god yes. That’s our solid goal now, that’s our plan. In just over one year, I plan to be kissing my incredible wife on the Eiffel Tower. I plan to hold tight to her hand and look out over Paris and experience the world first-hand and not just dream about it under the fluorescent lights of a cramped computer room.

Thank you, Vietnam, for the unexpected and powerful inspiration.




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6 04 2007

Adam, I found this post extremely moving. I relate very much. Thanks to Vietnam!

Your Summer 2008 plans are exciting, and they WILL happen. You will love Paris.

You may want to start checking out the Paris forum at Trip Advisor if you haven’t already. The forums at Trip Advisor helped me plan my last trip there, everything from travel to France, travel to the hotel, where to stay, what to eat, when to eat, what to see, where to go, how to best get there, how to tip, how much French to know, etc. (All written by other travelers.) You’ll get so many ideas and much practical advice. I feel like a Trip Advisor commercial. Anyway:


I’m excited for you!

6 04 2007
Adam MorganSmith

Thanks, Nova! That sounds great. Some extra planning and foresight will help make the trip smoother. It will probably help us make sure we save enough and can really enjoy the trip. Did they have any good advice for vegetarians? I speak some French, but sometimes it’s hard to explain the no meat thing to people who speak English.

6 04 2007

Yes, if you do some searches you’ll find posts about how to be vegetarian in Paris. (You may find a post from me.) And if you can’t find anything in the archives, just join and post a question. Actually I think to say I am a vegetarian it is: “Je suis vegeterienne” or something crazy simple like that — just be careful of the ham. I was very careful with what I ordered and we ate non-French food a few times. The Indian, Moroccan, and Vietnamese (coincidence?) food in Paris was the best I’ve ever had.

Oh check this out. I printed this out and had it with me:

6 04 2007

p.s. Expect to eat an enormous amount of cheese!

6 04 2007

mmmMMMmmm cheese…

I am so excited ALREADY.

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