Dear Community Bank NA

10 02 2007

I have a red-hot poker for you, and there’s someplace I’d like you to put it.

Over two weeks ago you called me, well actually you called my old number but the message got to me and that’s the important thing.  You had called to let me know that credit card numbers had recently been stolen from Marshalls and TJ Maxx.  Since I had recently shopped at Marshalls you let me know that, for safety’s sake, you were going to shut of my debit card on January 31st and issue me a new one.  I thought, “How wonderful, my bank is looking out for me and being so proactive about it!”  It was kismet, I was about to order a new debit card anyway since mine had started to crack in the middle.  This was over one week before you were going to shut off my card.

January 31st came and I was worried, worried because I hadn’t gotten my new card and I didn’t know if it was the last day I could use my old card, or the first day I couldn’t.  At work in the morning I purchased a coffee with my debit card to see if it worked, and it did!  Great, I could buy groceries on my way home from work that day.  At 4:35 I went to buy groceries and was denied.  I guess you probably shut my card off at the end of the bank’s work day.  This was annoying, but I’m not really going to blame you for it, my timing just sucked, and hey, I’d probably get my new card the next day.

I was wrong about that, and I was wrong for the next ten days.  Today is January 10th and I’ve finally gotten my new card.

That was ten days being cut off from my money.  Ten days of rushing home to get the mail.  Ten days of getting angry at the mailbox.  Ten days where maybe the people at the Post office got to hear me say some not-so-nice words, many starting with the word “mother” followed by something more emphatic.  For ten days I’ve been slowing learning to hate you.

What happened, Community Bank NA?  You called Me, and over two weeks ago!  When you call someone and let them know that you reissuing their card, the next thing you do is reissue their card!  The next thing you do is not stick your thumb up or ass…and then leave it there for two weeks.  Because, and I’m not sure if you now this Community Bank NA, I use that card to buy things, things like lunch, breakfast and dinner, things like gasoline for my car so I can get to and from work.  I use that card to lead the modern capitalist lifestyle to which I’ve grown so accustomed.  I’m lucky enough to have  a spouse that can get cash out for me, and lucky enough that If I can’t buy something for dinner, I can get some free bland food from the Alfred University dining hall.  I know everyone isn’t that lucky.  What about them, Community Bank NA?

So please, take that red-hot poker and put it where you know it belongs, right there where your thumb used to be.




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