Sho ’nuff

6 02 2007

Anyone who’s e-mailed me, IMd me or spoken to me long enough to say “thank you” has probably gotten a “sho ’nuff” where they might expect a “you’re welcome”.  I’m not a Kentucky Colonel, I’m a Jersey-Boy.  So how did this folksy little country-fried colloquialism enter my vocabulary?

Actually, I remember specifically.

Back when Comedy Central was in its infancy, they had an excellent show called “Short Attention Span Theatre” (which I still miss). The show was all clips, from stand-up acts and sit-coms.  One particular clip they showed was from an old sitcom.  How old?  Old enough to be black and white and that’s all I can offer.  In the clip, a southern boy was agonizing over a decision to accept an offer to play baseball for the New York Yankees.  After all, how can any decent southern gentleman play for a team called The Yankees?  To help convince the young man, the Yankees manager brought the team down so they could be introduced.   It was all a ruse, however.  Each member of the Yankees was dressed up just like Colonel Sanders and would come up, tip their hat and say, “Sho ’nuff”.  Each one in turn, exactly the same (except for Yogi Berra, who messed it up).  Being a good southern rube, the young man’s worries were assuaged by the ploy and he joined the team.  The scene didn’t actually make me laugh, it was amusing at best.  But somehow that phrase “Sho ’nuff” snaked down into my brain and burrowed into my vocab.

Why and how it stuck?  That, I’m afraid, I can’t answer.




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