Prurient Worktime Fun!

17 01 2007

My store just had its Christmas party last week.  What, seriously?  Yeah, they didn’t book the Knights of Columbus hall in time and what else could we do but wait?  That’s not the important bit, though.

After the hedonistic good times at the local fraternal bingo hall, some of the younger employees headed to an after party.  Or maybe it was just another party where the teenagers could have the beer they so desperately crave.  One of the cashiers, a mousy quiet girl, surprised and shocked some of her fellow employees by playing with herself in front of them.  At first this was something of a hush-hush secret at work, probably because both her parents work there, but before long it spread like brush-fire through the L.A. suburbs.

I was in my office working and talking with Julie who was doing some laminating.  Amy came from the backroom laughing, telling us that Michele wasn’t going to be going through that girl’s checkout line anymore.

“Of course, if she can’t get a bag open, maybe instead of doing this,” I said licking my finger, “maybe she’ll do something else.”

Someone had the nerve to suggest my mind dove right to the gutter, but where did that conversation start, exactly?

Later in the day, we found a ball shaped like a breast, replete with nipple, hidden behind the depends.  It’s not the sort of thing you expect to find behind the incontinence pads.




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