Back Door Man

16 01 2007

I leave the building to go to work this morning and head towards my car.  It’s clear, but cold and wintry.  At least it isn’t the ice storm from the previous day.


I go to unlock the car, but the lock is frozen over.  I push the key into break through the ice and it goes in about a quarter inch.  I jiggle the key, I push in on it but I just can’t get the key in.  I suppose for some people, this might no be a problem.  Just go around and try the lock on the passenger door, right?  Ah, but my Nissan Altima doesn’t have a passenger side lock.  It only has one and it’s got ice jammed in it.  I’d love to use my keyless entry but I broke the remotes quite awhile ago. 

I’m standing outside in the cold wondering If I’m going to be able to go to work today.  But then I thought, “A-ha!  The rear seats flip down, maybe I can get through there!”  I open the trunk and check, but there is no trunk-side connection to the latch to flip down the seats that I can see.  I try the lock again, but after a quarter inch, it feels quite solid.  So I go back to the trunk to take a closer look at the seat just to make sure.  Fortunately, whenever I used it last, I wasn’t careful to make sure it was latched again and it folded right down when I pushed it. 

Nothing quite like getting into your car through the trunk.  But don’t worry, at the end of all that frustration, I got to go work…




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