Hello, is thing on?

11 01 2007

I took eleven days off from work to visit family for the holidays.  During that time, I think the pilot light from my brain went out.

 And I can’t get it lit.

It’s fine at home, the TV is there if my brain doesn’t want to do anything.  At work, however, it’s becoming a source of frustration.  I receive projects to work on, and I can’t come up with anything.  I’m being paid for my time there and have to do something.  But what do you do when you’ve got a whole lot of niente?  My job requires an idea first and foremost to get started with anything.  Nothing comes, or quite possibly the wrong thing.

Me:  Okay, Brain, what are we going to do with this project?

Brain:  Do we really have to do this?  I’m just not that into it right now?

Me:  C’mon, let’s start with something simple.  What about the color?

Brain:  I like cheese.

Me:  Mmm, cheese…

 Work gets rather frustrating when you’re constantly trying to force things out.  Of course, it’s also quite possible that since I find my job completely uninspring, time away simply strips away whatever artificial motivation I’ve been up and it just takes time to rebuild. 

My brain is tired now from thinking about this.




One response

15 01 2007

I like cheese, too!

Okay, totally unhelpful. I’m sure it will pass. I think the start of a new year brings along so many expectations that the brain sort of just goes numb to it. At least mine did, and I don’t think I’m fully out of it yet either.

Hope next week is better for you!

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